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In this space, we feature real weddings we've been honored to film.

We also feature love stories, and offer advice for why, how, and when to book video coverage for your wedding.

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This important but overlooked question for wedding vendors is something that can have an enormous impact on your wedding day vibe and needs to be a part of your vetting questionnaire for videographers and photographers.

Advice, Questions to ask

May 14, 2018

The (almost always) Forgotten Must-Ask
Question for Your Wedding Videographer


Sometimes love is found just down the street. Sometimes it’s found in another town. And sometimes love is found on another continent. Such was the case for Chelsea and Ryan. 

Love Stories

April 4, 2018

Even An Ocean Couldn't Keep Them Apart
Chelsea and Ryan’s Love Story


Having a friend film for you sounds like a great idea at first. But what are the foreseen costs of having friend video during one of the most important days of your life? Find out why good value can come at a high cost.

Advice, what to look for

March 22, 2018

The unexpected cost of a friend filming your wedding


What does everlasting love look like before and after a whirlwind romantic wedding? Ellie and Mike share some of their inside story on what it takes to keep a relationship solid and still be madly in love.

Love Stories

February 13, 2018

It Was Love At First Sight
Ellie and Mike’s Love Story


Many couples’ struggle with whether or not to invest in a wedding video. Is it really worth it? Will they really watch it more than one or two times? These 5 ideas from a wedding planner will have your wedding video stuck on repeat!

Advice, watching your video

January 15, 2018

These 5 ideas will make sure you’ll watch your wedding video


Annina and David’s love story begins in the classrooms of Villanova University, where the sparks flew almost immediately between these freshmen after they were paired together on a class project. 

Love Stories

December 15, 2017

They Knew Right From The Start
Annina and David’s Love Story