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Having a friend film for you sounds like a great idea at first. But what are the foreseen costs of having friend video during one of the most important days of your life? Find out why good value can come at a high cost.

Advice, what to look for

March 22, 2018

The unexpected cost of a friend filming your wedding


Wedding videography is a solid investment and it can be a hard decision to make—especially when many couples fear getting a bad wedding video. Here’s how to avoid getting a terrible wedding video.

Advice, what to look for

November 3, 2017

Are You Afraid That You’ll end up with a bad wedding video?


Unfortunately audio is something that many wedding videographers too often undervalue. All it takes is a poor quality equipment or the lack of proper audio hookups and you can loose that precious anecdote from your mom or your best friend forever.

Advice, what to look for

August 22, 2017

Audio is essential to your film and
Missing this one detail can ruin your wedding video