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Have you ever felt so connected to a place you couldn't help but feel that you belonged there? That's how we feel about Cape Cod (we're pretty sure you feel that way too). 

12 years ago we drove up to the Cape and decided this was the place we truly belonged. 

We made a crazy plan to leave our family and friends for a new life. Then we packed up three cats, moved into a quaint little yellow house, and settled in.

Then we created Harborview Studios.


How does being a couple Washashores make your HVS wedding experience unique? We've been both out-of-state visitors and longtime established locals.

We have the advantage of 12 years of experience with local Cape Cod & New England wedding photographers, venues, florists, and planners. When you're a part of the tight knit Cape Cod community, you're family.

Which is something we want to pass onto you. 

Having been out-of-staters in love with Cape Cod ourselves, we understand how your heart aches when you're not here. And we want to make sure you take a little bit of the best parts of Cape Cod back home with you, no matter where you live, so you feel like you've never left.   

WASHASHORE Perspective on cape cod weddings

Sean and I are both graduates of English Literature and self-proclaimed film nerds. We've studied the art of story building, structure, and balance for years.

We've taken our time developing a signature filming and editing style, specifically centered around the art of personal storytelling.

And we make sure our films deeply resonate with our couples which makes all the difference between a film that's nice enough and a film so rich in it story and tone that it transports you back in time, every single time you watch it. 

wedding videographers and personal storytellers

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Welcome friends, relax & enjoy

Your memory is alive with action and sound.  Reliving your memories through the beauty of video provides results that are absolutely astonishing. 

All this movement and sound means a different kind of recording process and final deliverables.

Let's talk about all the different options available and how we're able to get you the wedding film of your dreams.

How we celebrate YOUR 
LOVE STORY through video


Every package includes 2 professional cinematographers, 1 assistant for reaction shots, lighting, and audio (crew of 3 professionals); plus a stationary camera for wide-angle, full shot view of your wedding.

All our films are recorded in high definition and are delivered to you online, via secure cloud service for viewing, downloading, and sharing with your family and friends.

All wedding packages include the following

about our wedding video packages

The first step in creating those magic moments is your crew and final film development.

a Variety of styles and film durations for each package

wedding film options

7-10 minutes 


Feature film

~15-20 minutes 


3-5 minutes

ceremony/reception FILMS

Length varies

cinematic style edit

cinematic style edit

documentary style edit

cinematic style edit

2019 packages range in price $3,400–$6,800
Contact us for details.


professional gadgets & gear

Ariel drones, stabilizers, sliders, GoPros, and more... we have all the fun, geeky video gadgets and equipment that make for an amazing and artistic shot every time.

We use Canon cameras with a vast collection of long and short lenses to create a wide variety of creative scenes and angles so that you can re-live your wedding from every viewpoint.

Our studio is best for couples who want to have a connection with their studio and wedding film.

They know they can't get a great video from a company they feel awkward around. The ability to freely be themselves in front of us and our cameras is paramount.

A studio that's able to easily recognize when they need a moment alone or when it's the right time for a full-belly laugh is a necessity. 

Does it sound like we're the perfect fit for you?

Great, then it's time to move onto the booking process!

Getting to know you


It's time to make sure your date is safely secured on our calendar.

By now I'm sure we've had a conversation with each other about our packages and how we work with you on your wedding day—which makes picking the package that best suits your wedding as easy as pie. (Mm, pie). 

Shortly after you tell us which package you want, you'll receive an invoice and contract from us. Look the documents over, sign your contract and pay your deposit to make everything official.

You're now a HVS Couple and your wedding date has officially been firmly secured on our calendar!

save your date


5 weeks before your wedding, we'll gather your wedding details from you so we can make sure we come totally prepared for all the special events of your big day.

We cover this extensively with you so that we don't miss a single one of the shots and emotional moments that you've been thinking about for months. It's these moments that make your wedding film special and we work with you and your photographer to make sure every moment is captured.

7-10 days before your wedding, we'll go over all the details with you. And we'll also introduce ourselves to your photographer and DJ/wedding band if this is our first time working with them.

Your wedding timeline & details


Your wedding day is finally here! It’s time to celebrate, relax and let us get to work!

Film set-up moves a little slower than photography, which is why it's important to us that we're over-prepared for your big day. 

This day is going to be a blur to you and so we make it a priority to capture the traditional shots that every bride needs while also capturing the moments in between in a creative & unique way.

One of our favorite parts of the wedding day is the getting ready portions, here we get to meet you, your friends, and your family at your candid best!  

Your wedding day!


After your wedding day, you'll receive an email telling you when your final delivery date will be.

Your sneak peek will be released within 7 days! We know how important it is to share our weddings while everyone is still on cloud nine!

For your final film(s) we usually pick the songs ourselves but, if you wish, you can pick the music—we'll help guide you through the process to avoid any sticky problems with copyright usage.

Later, when your final film(s) arrive, we encourage our HVS Couples to relax with a glass of bubbly, just you and your spouse, for the first viewing—it truly enhances your personal connection. 

After that, enjoy reliving your wedding day with family and friends through your wedding film! 

Editing & delivering your film


our process


Even though I desperately wanted one, I hesitated to book a videographer until the last minute because my parents did not understand the need and Doug and I wavered on spending the money ourselves.

BUT, luckily I won out in the end because I had a nagging thought and couldn't get it out of my head. The process of selecting HVS was easy because their reputation preceded them—and thank the good Lord that they were available for our day.

Following the wedding, my parents have reached out to us simply to express how wrong they were and how grateful they feel that we made it a necessity to book a videographer and that they totally understand the need now.

If I could give a piece of advice to brides in the planning stages, I would say that it is 100% where your money should go when planning your big day.

It goes by so fast and there are so many moments that I wasn't able to see (guys getting ready, faces at the ceremony, dancing at the reception, etc.) that are now captured forever.

It is invaluable to be able to listen to your vows again, hear people's toasts again, and actually relive the FEELING that only a video can capture."


Wedding location:

Cape Cod, MA

Wedding Venue:


"Just do it. No question about it.

Mike and I have easily watched our video trailer already 50 times, at least, and we just can't get enough. There is something so special about getting to view video footage from your wedding that pictures just can't convey. 

I knew I wanted a video of my wedding the moment my Grandparents took out their video and showed me their wedding from the 50's.

It was a silent video, but it was just so special to see how young and in love my grandparent's were/are and I just envisioned the same experience with my own future children and grandchildren. 

Your wedding is one of the greatest days of your life and a video ensures you get to relive the magic anytime you need a little reminder of how special and blessed you are to be with your spouse."


Wedding location:

Nantucket, MA

Wedding Venue:



To us, our video is one of our most cherished wedding memories as it captured all our important parts and is something we can watch time and time again when happy, sad, or celebrating to remind us of how incredible that day was.

This is one thing we DO NOT regret.


Wedding location:

cape cod, MA

Wedding Venue:


Advice from Past HVS Couples

What advice would you give other couples who are considering getting a wedding video?