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We are so grateful that you're considering us for such an important day in your lives.

To book a wedding film with us, we request a 50% retainer and a signed contract to secure your date (we also offer payment plans at no additional cost).

Inquiring does not guarantee that your date is held. Availability changes on a daily basis and is subject to change without notice. Final payment is due 30 days prior to your wedding.  



our most frequently asked questions about wedding videos

We believe in recording the entire story of your day and that requires a 6 hour minimum for weddings.

We are happy to provide a customized quote for intimate weekday or off-season weddings requiring less coverage. Our quoted shoot time is for continuous coverage.

I just need video for a couple hours, can you do that?


We love traveling for weddings! Because we're local to Cape Cod, travel to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket has a charge for the ferry (1 vehicle and 3 passengers).

For jobs outside the Greater Boston area, fees will be quoted per individual job according to distance and length of stay.

Do you have Additional travel fees?


We believe that your guests should enjoy the reception, so we don't go from table to table to record interviews. Guests are generally unprepared for this request and are being interrupted while eating their delicious dinner (which is the only time they're sitting down).

In general, we also make sure not to film people while they're eating. It's uncomfortable for them to be filmed while eating, and trust me, you don't want to see it either. 

Is there anything you don't shoot?


No. Because we primarily deliver our videos by digital download it is not considered a taxable product. However, Massachusetts State does considers media (DVDs, Blu-Ray, Flash Drives) to be a tangible product which requires a 6.25% MA sales tax. 

You have the option of including tangible media in your package but please note that the entire package will be taxed at a rate of 6.25% (tax laws vary from state to state as do their percentages). 

Is sales tax included in the package price?


Our highlight trailer and sneak peek songs are specifically licensed for use on the internet (complying with copyright laws). We find it's best if we select the music for the story. If you would like, we can set you up in our extensive music database for wedding videos and you can pick a song or you can tell us the type of genre, mood, and instruments you prefer and we'll take it from there.

The cost of the license is included in your wedding video package.

For feature films, we have several options that we can review with you.  

Can i pick the music for my videos?


Because we're a boutique wedding video company, we only book 1 wedding per day. That means the people you talk to when you're inquiring (us, the owners) are the same people who film you on your big day. 

We believe that keeping our studio small provides us with an intimacy that a large or national company can't give you. We take time to get to know you and your partner which makes for a truly authentic wedding film.  

This process assures that the owners of the company film and craft your final film. We don't hire a series of freelancers to fill camera spots that day. We take an immense amount of pride in being able to develop a trusting relationship with you, your partner, and your photographer to ensure that you'll have the best wedding video possible. 

Who will be filming my wedding?


We never outsource our work and do all of our editing ourselves. You probably didn't know that most of the work that goes into a video is done in post-production. 

Call us old-fashioned but because we've seen the creative vision of your wedding film from day one, we believe we're the best ones to execute the full production. Our average time for final video delivery is 2.5 months. Our estimated return time will fluctuate as the wedding season progresses from 1 to 4 months.

Once we begin to edit your film, nearly sixty hours of editing time goes into a finished product. Creating a story as much creative as it is methodical. Nothing leaves our studio without our final stamp of approval. 

Do you edit our wedding film yourselves?


Absolutely! Love is love no matter who it is. We're honored to be a part of the LGBTQ+ wedding experience. 

We're friendly, accommodating, and we believe that the love between same sex people is just as sacred as anyone else's. You should feel comfortable that your vendors also celebrate in your union. 

You can view one of our favorite samples here: Beth and Sarah's Martha's Vineyard Wedding

Do you film same sex weddings?


Yes! We love the epic feeling and grand sense of adventure that aerial drone footage brings to your wedding video and believe that it adds a richness to your story that no other piece of equipment can provide. However, it does NOT get flown during your wedding.

do you take aerial footage with a drone?